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The McElheran & Associates family is excited to offer your family some of Alta Vista’s most sought-after and beautiful homes! This is a neighbourhood where single-family lifestyles are well looked after; you’ll find that playgrounds are plentiful, parks are pristine and the proximity to some excellent local schools is highly convenient. There are also new commercial investments just waiting to be snapped up in an increasingly competitive market, all of which we’re happy to show you. This is a friendly, welcoming and close-knit community, so it only makes sense that a professional and caring realtor team has your back in finding the ideal home or business solution here for your everyday needs. Discover all there is to offer your household or company in Alta Vista today!

A Suburban Paradise

Alta Vista is known for its large number of single-family detached homes, meaning you’ll have a lot more choice in finding one whose layout, condition and location suits your needs best. A large number of the homes in this suburban paradise are older, two-storey properties that have benefited from renovations. This means not only could your home in Alta Vista offer a unique design and layout, but it will most likely benefit from updated wiring, plumbing and a fresh coat of paint before you walk in the door! There are also several new-build homes and condos coming on the market as of late, giving you an even larger pool of candidates to choose from for where to begin your next chapter.

Great for Families of All Types

Whether you’re looking for a great home in which to raise your first child or need to find a new place to settle down with your teenagers, Alta Vista is an excellent choice. Schools are plentiful including Catholic, public and French-immersive variants. You also have your choice of private schools in the area including Ottawa Montessori School and Lycée Claudel. You’ll also find excellent specialized arts, mathematics, and science programming at these institutions and in various community organizations, inspiring them to learn and discover a new favourite skill or two. Just around the corner is the Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, providing plenty of employment opportunities as well as easy access. Surrounding this lively community is Riverview Park, adjacent to the Rideau River, offering additional properties and conveniences to suit your needs.

A Shopping Haven

Alta Vista is also known for a wide assortment of excellent shops and entertainment options. These include the Billings Bridge Plaza Shopping Centre and Elmvale Shopping Centre, respectively, which are home to dozens of stores, dining options, public amenities and more – never has it been easier to check off that last item on your to-do list! Commercial clients will love the proximity to such amenities, along with the wide selection of properties that are ripe for business investments. In addition, getting around is easy thanks to plenty of OC Transpo routes and major thoroughfares such as Riverside Drive, Bank Street and Kilborn Avenue winding through the community. That makes everything from commuting downtown to visiting your local Costco that much more accessible and hassle-free!

McElheran & Associates offers friendly, professional, and courteous service that our team members are proud of and that clients genuinely appreciate. Should you be interested in purchasing or selling a home or commercial property in the Alta Vista area, we would love to hear from you. Our expertise and deep knowledge of the area’s market behaviour can help you find the best possible value. To get started, reach out to us today.