Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent for Your Real Estate Transaction

As usual, home buyers in the Nation’s Capital are jumping into the housing market in full force. But, as they do, many are making the surprising choice to hunt alone, rejecting the assistance of what’s known in real estate as a BUYER’S AGENT. For years, house-hunters have had the option to work with a real estate agent who shows them properties and may ultimately negotiate the price as a counterbalance to the agent who represents the seller. But now, some buyers are not taking advantage of that option. With the wide array of information so easily accessible on the internet, many think they are equipped to represent themselves in the purchase of a home. But ask yourself this – If you were being sued for $300,000 you likely wouldn’t hesitate to contact a lawyer who could properly represent your interests. Same can be said for BUYER’S AGENTS. I have the knowledge, access and know-how to find you the home you are looking for. Buyers are at a considerable advantage when they work with a BUYER’S AGENT, at least compared with relying on a seller’s agent for advice or guidance. A seller’s agent is contractually obligated to help make the sale happen in the seller’s favour, often as close to the asking price as possible. YOU DO NOT GET A DISCOUNT ON THE PURCHASE PRICE OF A HOME IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO BE PROFESSIONALLY REPRESENTED. The purchase price is NOT staggered based on whether a Buyer has chosen to be represented or not. For example: the asking price is not $325,000 if the Buyer is represented and $310,000 if they are not. This is a common misconception. The asking price and total commission are set at the point of the Seller signing the listing agreement. This takes place before the home is even listed on the open market. The listing agent is not obligated to reduce their commission as a result of the Buyer not being represented by a BUYER’S AGENT. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite. Due to the buyers not being represented, the Listing Agent must assume the role of Listing Agent and BUYER’S AGENT which results in an abundance of extra time spent explaining paperwork, ushering offers back and forth, ensuring timelines are met and standing in for inspections and other visits that otherwise wouldn’t be their responsibility. Here are a few main reasons you should always work with a professional BUYER’S AGENT when making the biggest financial commitment of your life.
  1. It’s FREE! There is no commission owed when you are purchasing a home using the services of a BUYER’S AGENT. This is a common misconception.
  2. I have ACCESS TO INFORMATION that you don’t! I can search the history of a property as well as neighbouring properties. I can easily access comparable sales in a particular neighbourhood and advise you about whether a home is priced appropriately or not. Not knowing what homes in the neighbourhood have sold for can be very dangerous when making an offer to purchase. You could end up paying above market value for the home and then suffering a loss should you ever need to sell it in the future. I do this day in and day out so I know how to find what you’re looking for!
  3. I provide you with PERSONAL REPRESENTATION. If the Seller has signed a contract to be represented by a listing agent, why wouldn’t you make sure that you have someone looking out for your best interest?
  4. I NEGOTIATE to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. These are skills that cannot be taught; these are skills that have been acquired through my many years in the customer service industry.
  5. I will legally PROTECT you. Have you ever taken the time to read through legal Real Estate documents? I have. They are lengthy and wordy, and absolutely NECESSARY to fully protect you. I will ensure that you understand the forms you are signing and why they are so important and tailor them to best represent you.
  6. I have a NETWORK of professionals that I work with and connect with every day. This is a priceless commodity in ensuring you are always the first to know when new listings are due to come on the market. You will certainly not miss out on your dream home if you are privy to insider knowledge from your BUYER’S AGENT.
  7. I have access to the best of the best (lenders, mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors, insurance brokers, movers etc.).
  8. I will guide you through this STEP BY STEP PROCESS from start to finish. I am always here to assist you and answer any questions you have about anything real estate related.
Don’t take a chance on such a major purchase, my service is FREE! So contact me today to learn more about what I can do for you!