Using Holiday Décor to Stage Your Home

If you’re feeling unsure about listing your home over the winter months, remember, buyers are always looking, no matter the season! Plus, with the holiday spirit in full swing, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of using holiday décor to stage your home. A few tasteful decorations can help to highlight certain features of your home and make it feel as warm, cozy and inviting as possible. Here are some tips to consider when staging your home this holiday season.

Focus on the Front Entranceway

You want potential buyers to be impressed and intrigued before they even step inside. That’s why it’s important to focus on sprucing up the front entranceway. Hang a nice wreath on the front door, add some planters on either side with evergreens or a combination of birch, red dogwood branches, pinecones and cedar boughs. Or wrap garland around the porch banister with some white lights and a few red bows to capture the eye and lead them to towards the front door.  

Compliment Your Colour Scheme

A good rule of thumb before throwing up decorations is to try and use items that go along with your colour scheme. You want the decorations to compliment your existing features, not clash with them. If you have a beige theme in your home, try and stick with an off-white and gold theme for a more modern look. Conversely, if you have lots of dark wood and earthy tones, rich cranberry and forest green will compliment it nicely.  

Highlight Your Fireplace

The goal when using holiday décor to stage your home is to highlight certain features without going overboard. Too much can be a distraction and even off-putting. One key feature to highlight is the fireplace. If you have one, place a few pieces of garland on top of the mantel with a few pinecones and string lights nestled within. Then place two or three red or off-white candles on either side to finish it off. A few simple splashes of holiday décor will make it look elegant and impressive.

Create a Cohesive Theme with Your Tree

Christmas trees can work wonders for extenuating the height of the ceilings, but if you don’t have much space, make sure you choose a tree that won’t overwhelm or consume the room. There are many different designs available today that can suit almost any space, including skinny trees and even corner trees. When decorating, stick to a cohesive theme and avoid putting any gaudy ornaments on. Some good themes for staging are red and gold, white and gold or silver and white.

Make Your Home Warm

Staging a home for selling is all about making buyers feel a positive emotional connection when they’re viewing it so they can envision themselves living there. During the cold winter evenings, it’s the perfect opportunity to tap into those feel-good emotions by creating a warm and cozy space. If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s lit and ready to welcome them. If you don’t, crank up the heat so they will be greeted by a warm interior. You want it to feel as homey and welcoming as possible. Take advantage of the colder months by using holiday décor strategically to highlight favourite standout features while creating a cozy and homey space to help buyers feel connected. When you’re ready to list your property or if you’re looking to purchase in the Ottawa area, Brent McElheran and Associates can help. Contact us today!