Have Pets? 7 Tips When Selling Your House

Selling a home can be an overwhelming process, especially when it comes to marketing and showing your home. From making repairs to enhancing the curb appeal, to cleaning it for photos and showings – there are many things you need to be prepared for prior to letting buyers into your home for viewings. And if you have pets, your prep work can double.  It’s important to keep in mind that as much as you love your furry companions, not everyone is comfortable around animals, and some people are even allergic. If you have pets and are planning to list, follow these seven tips when selling your home to keep everyone happy and avoid deterring potential buyers.

Consider Temporary Living Arrangements

If the real estate agent has scheduled showings during a particular week, you might want to consider making temporary living arrangements for your pet. Consider leaving them with a family member, neighbour or friend. If showings are frequent, it might make more sense to leave them at a doggy daycare, hire a pet sitter or drop them off at a kennel where they can stay for a week or so.  

Remove Pet Items

Staging is designed to help potential buyers picture themselves living in the space. This is why personal items are typically removed and swapped out for simple, modern décor and furniture to make the home look more appealing. With that said, it’s best to also hide any pet items before any showings. Toys can be easily placed into boxes and stored in the closet. Pet beds, kitty litter boxes, and food should also be stashed away in the garage area or a shed.

Get Rid Of Stains and Damage

Carpet stains and claw marks along the flooring should be removed, repaired or covered up before the tours start. Blemishes can often leave buyers with an impression that the home has not been well maintained. 

Remove Odors and Add Fresh Scents

You might be able to get your pet out of the house with ease, but the smell of your pooch or that kitty litter box can linger for days. These strong, unpleasant odours can put off and deter potential buyers. So before any viewings are scheduled, make sure to remove any sources of pet odours. Air out the home and use an oil diffuser with fresh scents to leave a more inviting, positive aroma behind. If the furniture or carpets have a lingering odour, consider having them steam cleaned and deodorized.

Vacuum Often

Pets shed a lot, and their fur can easily accumulate in just one day. Before any showings, vacuum the property thoroughly from top to bottom to remove any fur and pet dander. Don’t forget to vacuum out the vents and wipe down the baseboards too.

Tidy Up The Yard

If your pet has a tendency to dig up your lawn or the garden, don’t forget to tend to the yard to ensure that everything is in order before each viewing. 

Remove Any Photos

Yes, even the photos of your pets should be put away. Some buyers can be put off if they see evidence that pets had occupied the home, so it’s best to pack these up until you move. Our team at Brent McElheran & Associates, will work with you to create a smooth home selling process from beginning to end. If you have pets, we’ll offer our professional recommendations on how best to deal with them so they won’t interfere with viewings. To learn more about us and how we can help you navigate this entire process, contact us today.