7 Ways to Support Local Businesses in Ottawa

It’s always important to support local businesses as much as possible because without them, our communities and cities just wouldn’t be the same. But after the past year of coping with a global pandemic and lockdown restrictions, it’s even more crucial to support them in any way to help them survive. We don’t want to end up living in neighbourhoods without the character and convenience of our favourite mom and pop shops. To help them out, here are some ways to support local businesses in Ottawa. 


If you had an appointment scheduled at your local spa or booked a venue to celebrate a special upcoming occasion, instead of cancelling, reschedule it. Choosing a later date is a simple way to support many local businesses. This way, they can still keep the deposit if one was required. Even if it’s rebooking a haircut at your local salon, knowing that they can depend on that future cash flow can go a long way in helping them stay afloat.

Order Directly Instead of Using a Delivery App

Let’s face it, cooking every night can feel extra challenging these days with so much going on. And getting food delivered is one of the best ways to keep your favourite restaurants and bars open. But every time you use a delivery app, it forces restaurants to pay an exorbitant amount in fees. Since they need every dollar they can get these days, order directly from them instead. Call them up or hop on to their website to view their available options so they can keep 100% of the profit.

Host a Gift Card Giveaway

Got an upcoming virtual celebration? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting virtual trivia night or just want to shake things up a bit, you can host a gift card giveaway. Even if you own a business, it’s an excellent way to boost your social media engagement and get your followers involved in supporting and promoting other local businesses. 

Leave a Review

During these challenging times, simple acts of kindness can really go a long way– and that includes leaving a positive online review. Whenever you have an enjoyable experience, take a minute to give that business a shout out. You’d be surprised at how much small businesses appreciate this simple type of gesture. 

Support Them Online

Help spread the love for your favourite local hot spots by liking their social media page, sharing updates, participating in online competitions and engaging with them in general. With so many of us glued to our screens, every bit of additional exposure online will help.

Share Menus

Just tried a new restaurant and want to rave about it? Take it a step further and share their menu online. This will gain more attention and boost the chances of other people placing an order too.

Find New Favourites

If you’ve been relying on big brands and boxed stores but can’t shed the guilt, start branching out and exploring local options instead. Whether it’s a new restaurant, local hardware store, craft store, brewery, bakery, or something in between, spend a little effort to see if you can find whatever you need or are craving within your local neighbourhood. There are so many unique businesses that fall under the radar, and there has never been a better time to reach out to find them.  Whether you’re looking for an investment property in Ottawa, your first home or your forever home, Brent McElheran and Associates are here to assist you. Contact our team today to learn more or to view all of our current listings!