5 Thriving Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

There are a number of thriving neighbourhoods in Ottawa that can offer just what you’re looking for in a new home and location. Find out which areas are attracting new residents at a rapid pace and which ones are perfectly positioned to become your next new home.

The Glebe

The upscale area of the Glebe is still one of the most thriving neighbourhoods in Ottawa. Conveniently located just south of the downtown core and alongside the Rideau Canal, this area offers a healthy mix of suburban and city life. The area will come at a higher price than most, but it’s worth every penny. It’s a quiet, charming district known for its grandiose Victorian homes. And within steps from your front door, you can find many well-maintained parks and beautiful walking trails. The Bank Street stretch is also home to some of the city’s most popular boutique stores, trendy bars and world-class restaurants, providing residents with year-round enjoyment.  


Even during the pandemic, the tech sector is still chugging along at full speed. With Kanata North hosting some of the biggest companies in the tech industry, it’s no surprise that the area is still thriving. But it’s more than just a tech hub. It’s also a diverse community that offers residents a range of amenities and opportunities. From vast green spaces to live entertainment venues to foodie spots, outdoor recreation and shopping options –  Kanata is a wonderful place to call home. And with several different communities within it featuring both old and new builds in the area, it’s the perfect place for young professionals and families to find the townhouse or home to suit their needs.


Just west of downtown and bordering the Ottawa River lies the newest up and coming neighbourhood, Mechanicsville. What once was an area known for its lumber and paper mills, this area has been quickly gentrifying into a hip, residential neighbourhood.  Young professionals and retirees have started to flock here looking for something a little further out from the core but with all the amenities associated with city life. So if you’re looking to get in somewhere before it becomes the next “it” spot, now’s the time to explore the Mechanicsville area and its range of new condo development and townhomes.


Southwest Ottawa is also booming. Barrhaven has seen steady growth, even as other areas have slowed down. Why the influx? The southwest is a  great place to live. Located outside of the bustling city center, the area has a multitude of amenities and natural spaces within walking distance, and it’s less than 20km from the downtown core. There’s also a healthy mix of residential opportunities to choose from. From single-family homes to semi-detached and condos, there’s something here for every lifestyle. It’s also one of the top-rated areas for families thanks to affordable pricing and a variety of good schools and shops nearby.

Old Ottawa South

Another area that is doing particularly well is Old Ottawa South. This family-centric area has been steadily growing into a thriving community. It offers an excellent quality of life, where you have everything you need – authentic restaurants, quality schools, professional services, community centers, arts and culture and entertainment. The area also has immense green spaces and major transit routes linking directly to the downtown core. The housing selection is also ideal. In Old Ottawa South, there’s a good range of condos, towns, single-family homes, estates and everything in between.    With some of the lowest mortgage rates available, today now’s the time to move into one of these thriving areas. Contact us today and we’ll send you all the latest on and off-market listings available in the neighbourhoods of your choice. Our award-winning team can also help you navigate through the sales process and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the home you desire.